…and so, to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, my first Android game has hit the Google Play store (or more correctly if you're from the UK, the Google Play Shop) and it's called Swat the Fly (download it immediately here).


As this was my first game, I wanted to start off with something simple and the game certainly is that – you basically just tap the screen when the fly is passing through the shaded target zone.


As well as the single player game – and perhaps more enjoyable in my opinion – there are also 3 multiplayer modes which let you compete against your friends, family (or, if you don't have any friends or family, enemies and strangers) on the same device.


It's out there, it's free (ad supported), so why not indulge in some insect murdering fun?



UPDATE: The game is now also available to download on the Amazon App Store and SlideMe. Click on the fancy schmancy badges to download from the various App Stores.

 Download on Google Play Download on the Amazon App Store


UPDATE 2: The more 'official' game page with marketing blurb, gameplay video and screenshots can now be found here.