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As is traditional, first the good news. After 12 days of waiting, Flappy Eagle 3D was finally accepted by the Apple App Store and is now available to download for iPhone and iPad. You can get it by clicking on the badge below.


Download Flappy Eagle 3D on iPhone or iPad


The bad news (for me at least) is that Google have removed the same app from the Play Store for falling foul of their spam rules, which I think means I crow-barred the words "flappy" and "bird" into my description text too many times for their liking. Will probably try to re-release the game at some point, maybe under a different name, so stay tuned.

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As Flappy Eagle 3D was developed with Unity and you can play Unity games in your browser (if you've got the Unity webplayer plugin installed), I thought I'd set up a page on here where you can try out the game...and this is it.

Controls are:

- Space, up or w to flap your wings
- Left and right arrows or A and D to steer
- The arrow points the way to the next window
- (helpful hint - space, up or w will also restart the game when you die)

Enjoy! And remember, you can download the game for Android here

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Flappy Eagle 3D is a simple, Flappy Bird style game . You can download it now on the Google Play Store (pulled by Google and currently unavailable), the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store (links below).


Download now for iPhone and iPad        Download from Amazon App Store


The aim to stay alive as long as possible as you fly through windows in a series of walls.

Official blurb, gameplay video and screenshots below. 

You can also try the game by playing it in your browser

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Wasn't actually planning to release any more games any time soon, but have been playing about with Unity (a game development engine / tool if you haven't heard of it) and managed to knock something up a lot more quickly than I would have expected and thought it would be rude not to actually unleash it on the world.

The game is called Flappy Eagle 3D and, as you would expect from the title, its a Flappy Bird style game (yeah, I'm late to the party, I know). The 3D part of the title refers to the fact that, as well as tapping the screen to flap upwards, you also need to tilt your device to steer left and right. 

It's on Google Play now at:


All things being well, should also be released on iphone and ipad at some point.


You can now try the game out by playing it in your browser. To do so, click here.








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Just a quick post to let people know that leaderboards and achievements have been added to Fly Frenzy (available for free from all good app stores - google play, amazon, slideme, getjar). This is implemented using Google Game Services, which means you'll need to sign in using a Google account for these features to work. I'm the only one to have posted a score so far, so see if you can beat me.

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